Monday, July 25, 2005

Email Marketing -- The Money And The List

They all say the money is in the list. I've been talking about it before in this blog as well.

An Internet Marketer is an Email Marketer. At least all successful Internet Marketers are email marketers.

The Logic

The logic is simple and easy to grasp. If you pay someone to send you traffic, then if you don't capture those people's email addresses, they will be lost to you.

However, if you do capture the addresses, and hopefully their names as well, then you can email them again and again, sending them here and there like a flock of sheep. (I mean, everybody respects their customers, of course. A customer is a friend.)

So all us budding infoneurs, having set up sales pages that actually sell, go "oh, there was that something about email marketing" ...

... We capture some names and email addresses ...

-- and then what?


So I went out and bought Charlie Page's "How To Make BIG PROFITS from a small mailing list!"

I've noticed all the times I've actually made some progress in this field, is when I've bought specific information from people who have already been there, done that, and started selling the t-shirt.

Yup, I bought the t-shirt.

And it was so down-to-earth, friendly, and made so much sense, that I also bought the resale rights.


I got sidetracked, I guess. I was supposed to concentrate on my first product. It is selling nicely, but I want to build a responsive list for that product. So I needed Charlie's info. So I just thought, what the heck...

Anyway, that gives you the chance to read it too, I guess.

You can check it out here:
Small List Big Profits Email Marketing

Love and happiness,


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