Monday, December 19, 2005

Personalizing Your Sales Page

In my last post, I said I'd done two things right lately, and I talked about one of them, capturing your visitors name and email address.

The other tecnhique that has boosted my sales lately, is finding out what my customers want, and then personalizing the sales letter to their desire.

I also include their name in the sales copy.

This process has two stages.

1) Set up an email-squeeze page that also asks the visitor what is most problematic to her, regarding the topic of your web page.

I sell an eBook on how to improve your memory, so I asked: "What do you have the most difficulty remebering?"

So people answer this question, fill in their name and email address, and are sent to a web page that is personalized with their name.

Then I follow them up with email.

2) After receiving enough answers to my question, a pattern emerges. Four or five themes seem to come up again and again.

So now I change the squeeze page. Instead of an open question, I ask "What is most important to you to?" and then I give them five options as radio buttons.

They fill in their name, email address, and click the radion button that is most relevant to them, and so now I can show them a web page, not only personalized with their name, but also with specific information regarding what they are most interested in.

Then I follow them up with email.

It is beautiful.



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