Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Facing Fears For Fun And Profit

I've said it before, but it is only when I grow that my business grows.

For a long, long time, I've been very afraid of intimidating my list with too many emails. Even though I planned on sending them 2 emails a week, I hesitated writing those emails. I never did. And so there was nothing for me to add to the autoresponder.

I do answer all emails from customers, and when there has been something I though would be valuable to all, I saved it under the heading "Content."

And so my "Content" was just sitting there, in my inbox (I sent it to myself), eating away at the hard disk space.

Finally, I decided to face my fears. What do I want? A dead email list, or a live one? Does it really matter if people who do not want to receive my emails unsubscribe? No! It's better to have a small, responsive list than a large, dead one.

So I added the first email to my autoresponder for the first time in months... and instantly saw my daily income grow.

That was fun.

So I added another, and the same thing happened.

Then another. I started getting emails from customers who said "your email are getting better and better, you will soon pull me into your program"!

I got one who said "I know your emails are marketing, but I enjoy them."

Facing fears seems to be a lot of fun.


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