Monday, May 23, 2005

Very Nice Intro To Making A Living Online

I said in the previous post that I would tell you about Jim Daniels's new cd which is a view-then-do introduction to creating a website that will make money.

The cd arrived from the States a couple of days ago -- I live in Norway and expected it to take a lot longer, so I was really happily surprised.

I had a lot of stuff to do that day, but I just couldn't wait. I ripped open the package and found the cd and some coupon (which I'll tell you about later).

I popped the cd into my laptop. The cd autostarted and I got a menu of 18 videos and related "to-do" tasks. The videos are divided into three sections: 1 Research, 2 Setup, and 3 Marketing.

The research-section was a nice way of getting you to start realizing that there's a lot in your head that other people might be willing to pay for. Yes, he is focusing on information-products, although the tactics on this cd are applicable to any web-based business (or an offline business that wants to have a web presence).

Then he takes you through finding a niche that would be interesting to you, and which has a potential as there are many people searching for related keywords, but not too many pages competing for those terms and words. It then takes you through creating a Unique Selling Position (USP), and selecting a good domain name for your business.

The setup-section tells you how to create a website from scratch, including a WYSIWYG (What You See Is what You Get) - html editor (that means it's easy to create webpages with it). It takes you through setting up a site, and optimizing your pages for the search engines. The last part of section 2 tells you how to start accepting credit cards at your site. Now it's getting exciting!

The 3rd section is on marketing, and it itself is worth the price of this cd. It teaches you how to set up affiliate programs and joint ventures, and is absolutely great! This part is where I learned the most.

All in all, Jim's new ezWebBusinessBuilder view-it-and-do-it cd is a great place to start building your new business. I would recommend it to you if are just starting out with internet marketing, or if you have bought a lot of info-products and sort of "know-it-all", but you're still not doing anything!

The Coupon

Included in the package is a coupon for one free month at ThirdSpherePlus (worth $24.95) -- a web hosting company that have all the tools you need for building an online business.

But seriously, if you are willing to spend that kind of money for the webhosting for your new business (and you should be), then SiteBuildIt (SBI) is an even better option, in my view. With SBI you get so much more... The Action Guide itself is worth its (virtual) weight in (real) gold.

Now SBI is $299/year and ThirdSpherePlus is $24.94/month, which works out to $299,40/year. With the coupon you get 1 free month, true, but is it worth it?

Thus, I recommend Jim's new ezWebBusinessBuilder view-it-and-do-it cd for beginners or people who just want do DO IT NOW and QUICKLY, but SiteBuildIt if you're really serious about making a living online and can live with the way of the turtoise.

I know choosing is hard, and getting started is even harder, but if there is one thing money likes, it is action. So take action. Do something! Now!


Monday, May 16, 2005

Business And Bloody Opportunities

If you've been into Internet Marketing for a while, you'll have seen all the hyped "biz-ops". They come pouring into your email box, they seem to pop up everywhere on the net -- even when you aren't searching for anything related. It's like your computer has become this giant electric scam biz-op magnet.

Well, some people are making money on the Internet. And just not those trying to sell you the next-big-thing. Some people are very succesfull, and they teach you what they know so that you will be succesfull, and you will be if you listen to them.

But who are they?

After having read everything I've come across for about a year now, I've come to trust the information I get from Ken Evoy and Corey Rudl. They really know what they're talking about. They've both had huge success. And they've given me some tips that are paying me back the money I spent on their stuff right now as we speak.

Don't get side tracked

They both say the same things, give or take. They both teach you a process and show you how to really do it. The important thing is to decide on which process to follow, and then do it. And continue doing it. And only when you've seen that it works for you, and you understand why, and you're confident you could do it again, should you try out another process, if you're so inclined.

More for less

Even though Corey Rudl's materials are great and I would recommend it to anyone who's into direct marketing on the net, I have to tell you that Ken Evoy beats everything. For the price of one set of Corey Rudl's DVDs, you get everything you need from Ken Evoy, down to hosting, domain name, trackers, guides, brain storming tools, everything. I highly, highly recommend Ken Evoy's SiteSell. I'm just about to start building my second site with his SiteSell package, and I'll let you have a peek when I have some more stats.

How low can you go -- And how much can you get?

Well, I have one site up that's running after Corey's principles, and 1.5 that are build with Ken Evoy's SiteSell, so I thought it would be interesting to try something new.

Jim Daniels has just released a CD called (rather cheesy, I think), the ezWebBusinessBuilder. It's just one cd, but what makes it different from, for example, Corey's DVDs, is that after each informational video, it'll tell you exactly what do to, and contains the tools to do it. And it's $129, which I think is quite a nice price. Now I've just ordered this thingy, so I'll keep you posted on what I think about it when I get it.