Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Internet Marketing Center Will Go On

I just received an email from Tracy Rudl, Corey Rudl's wife. She writes:

"Corey's passion was helping people.

He loved knowing that he was helping "real people" start and grow Internet businesses. And he was extremely proud of the thousands of success stories he'd helped to create over the years. Nothing made Corey happier than getting letters from clients who had finally "quit their day jobs" to run their Internet businesses full time...

And that's why, on behalf of my entire family, I would like to personally take this opportunity to assure all Corey's customers and subscribers that his legacy will continue.

Going forward, the company will be headed up by Derek Gehl, an Internet entrepreneur and marketing expert in his own right who worked side by side with Corey for more than eight years to develop the marketing strategies and software you've seen released by The Internet Marketing Center...

Corey had the highest regard for Derek and considered him to be his "right-hand man"... and for the last couple of years, as Corey began to spend more time on the road, away from the office, he'd left Derek to manage his team. So the family backs Derek during this transition 100% -- we all have the highest confidence in Derek's ability to continue Corey's legacy.

I know this is what Corey wanted."

She is very brave woman indeed.
Our thoughts are with you!


Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Windfall Profits Paradox

If you're wondering what Jay Abraham is up to with his new and very exciting affiliate program, or if you want to grow your already existing business to new heights, you can get his report "How You Can Build Tremendous Long Term Business Wealth and Success-- Using Short Term “Windfall-Generating Opportunity” Thinking" for free, from here: Jay Abraham.

Making A Living With An Affiliate Program

Making a living being an affiliate of other companies is not easy. Hey, I'm not there yet. I am getting there, slowly. But I haven't been able to quit my day job... and even though I'm making a little more every week, I'm still a fair way off replacing my whole salary with the passive income from my websites.

Part of the problem is the way most affiliate programs work, for the affiliate. I get these companies new customers, that they can keep for years, but they only pay me once. They can up-sell this customer (i.e., sell them a more expensive product in a couple of months time), but I don't see any of that money. They can cross-sell to that customer (i.e., sell him or her a related, but different product), but I don't see any of that money, either. And if they're selling a service where the customer has to renew, say, every month or every year, I don't see any of that money.

So all this means that I have to work very hard to constantly get new customers to my companies, whereas they can make a lot of money from every one.

...But it seems this is all about to change. Thanks to Jay Abraham.

If you don't know of Jay Abraham, well, you should. He's one of the big big guys of business building and direct marketing, which is the form of marketing we do (or at least should do) when we're marketing (as affiliates or otherwise) on the net.

Jay's started his own affiliate program (at the bottom of the page). But he is not joking around like most other businesses (there are a couple of other exceptions as well, but we can talk about them later). And he's doing three things very differently:

1) You'll get recurrent commisions -- that is, after someone signs up through your affiliate link, they pay Jay $300 every month, and every month, you get about $100 off of that.

2) If Jay cross-sells or up-sells his customers, you get commision from that as well

3) And this is probably the most valuable point: as his partner, he will train you. Now this is stuff that people pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for. And you get it for being his affiliate, or partner.

Doing stuff differently, he wont just allow everyone into the program. You actually have to apply, by answering more than 30 questions.

I applied a couple of days ago, and was approved the following day. If you want to let Jay Abraham help you build your business, you can apply for the program here -- at the bottom of the page, where it says'Click Here to Earn a Great Income as One of Jay's "Partner in Profits"'

I have to tell you -- I am excited!


Saturday, June 04, 2005

Internet Marketing Legend Corey Rudl Dies

I am so sorry to report this. Corey Rudl, who was an Internet Marketing Pioneer, and who has taught me so much, died when the Porsche he was riding in crashed at a racetrack near where he lived.

You might not know that Corey, who was only 34, was married only recently.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Permission Marketing God Seth Godin's new book

...just a quick note to let you know that "permission marketing"-God / Guru Seth Godin has released a new book on building a web site that works.

"Works" here means "puts money in your bank account", I guess. I haven't read it yet -- it will become free in September, but if you have to read it NOW, it's a whooooping $9 (yes, nine dollars) ;-)