Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Day Before I Turn 30

I thought it was time to step back and see where we're at. Even though it seems to me that nothing is moving further, when I do look at the results just three or four months ago, I realise that is not true.

Stuff is happening.

I'm still moving forward. Very exciting stuff indead.

Just this week, I had my first day of more than 1000 visitors... yes, unique ones! Mostly, they come from Google PPC campaigns. Some come from Yahoo PPC, some (few) are from organic search. A couple are from articles I've written and submitted here and there (and from websites that picked up those articles). Some are from my affiliate program. Some are from Mark Joyner's bonus package that I described in the May 19th post.

And I'm going to have a couple of chapters in an upcoming (real, physical book) that is being printed in 15,000 copies.

So we'll see what that does...



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