Friday, September 15, 2006

Runners Make More Money

Early May this year, my doctor told my I was
pre-diabetic. He said my blood sugar levels
were running wild, and it was all, he said,
probably due to stress.

He went on to say that if I wanted to continue
working as much as I did, both having a 100%
day job, and running my own business nights and
weekends, I would have to start exercising.

Now, I haven't exercised for almost 15 years.
So this was quite a bad shock.

But it was the kick-in-the-butt I needed. I
knew I had to start exercising. I'd known it
for years. We all do know that, right? It was
just that -- I had never done anything
about it.

I figured the only sort of exercise I could
even remotely have any sort of chance at
succeeding at, would involve being outdoors.
No gyms, no push-ups, no fake stairs or
bicycles that don't go nowhere.

I've always enjoyed walking, and so I thought
that if I could just think of running -- in
the woods -- as a form of walking-very-fast,
I'd be okay.

So I started, and the first day was a real pain,
and I mostly walked anyway, because I didn't
have the strength, the stamina, the breath,
to run much.

The next day was a pain as well. But I enjoyed
the scenery.

And with every passing day, the pain was
lessened, and the joy started creeping into
my body.

I couldn't feel it every day, but I could almost
see it on the bathroom weight -- I lost 1 kg
every week for the first 8 weeks. That's 2.2
pounds a week, or 17.6 pounds in 2 months time.

My body felt better. My days were easier. I could
walk to the store when I'd forgotten to buy
something, with the greates ease. Without thinking
"oh no".

I could run all sorts of errands without it costing
me a lot to do them.

Of course, my mood improved.

With my newfound strength, my self confidence
started rising. It was the weirdest feeling. Just
because I was running (by then 3-4 times a week,
not every day anymore), I could enter a room with
much bigger self confidence. You know, I didn't
sneak into a room anymore, I walked with solid

I know it sounds funny, but I'm not joking here.
The brain sort of learned that it was able to
do more. And the learning must have generalized.

There is something about the mindset of running
that translates well into everyday life. And
today, when I found this article that confirmed
my suspecion, I was tickled pink.

It is called Entrepreneurs Who Run Net More Sales.
And you know what? It is true. I have started
seeing more sales after I started running. And
there is so much to this, that I'll have to write
a book about it soon!



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