Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Denial Industry

This blog is definitively about making money,
and there is nothing wrong with that. But all
the money you could wish for is no good if --

1) you don't have a good health to enjoy
it with


2) there is no world for you to enjoy it in

Usually I'm focusing on the first point, getting
my exercise, eating healthy and all that jazz.

But reading this article in the Guardian today
made me stop to think about point two for a while
(it's been a long time since I endulged in feeling
anything about environmental issues -- I guess my
inner teenager is waking up.)

It seems large companies like ExxonMobil (no
surprise) and Philip Morris (some surprise) are
funding a lot of people to dispute the common
scientific view that global warming is indeed

I don't like this one bit.



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